Netflix’s first trailer for Rapman’s Supacell series shows off superheroes and time travel in South London

Supacell Netflix original series teaser trailer
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Netflix’s first trailer for its new series Supacell paints South London as an epicentre of supernatural activity, with a comic book flair that’s charged with superhero action. The new show will land on the platform this June - and it already looks like a strong contender for our list of best Netflix series

Supacell comes from the mind of Rapman, a British record producer and film director, and will be his first full-length series off the back of his feature film Blue Story from 2019 – both of which are explicit in their faithful homages to South London living. But with Supacell, people with supernatural powers roam the streets freely.  

What to expect from Supacell

The trailer (see above) does a clever job of letting us glimpse into the events of the series without giving away too much information, and has us on the edge of our seats for its June release. In it, we are introduced to main characters Michael (Tosin Cole) and Dionne (Adelayo Adedayo), who have an Instagram-perfect relationship with a nice home, fancy car, and a happy engagement to show for it. However, as it is with any drama series, there’s more than meets the eye. 

In a way that seems to allude to the classic British show Misfits, Michael unexpectedly develops super powers and is given the ability to travel to the future where he learns that Dionne’s death is fast approaching. To save her, he must bring together others who have also mysteriously developed the same powers, but the question remains; what is it that connects these people? 

It’s safe to say that Supacell is going to be one superhero spectacle, but its raw depiction of South London culture could be the reason it becomes a roaring success. Prior to Supacell, Rapman had dabbled in short films prior to his first full length feature Blue Story (2019), which hones in on postcode-based gang rivalry in South London. It proved to be successful with viewers, gaining a score of 93% on Rotten Tomatoes, which could serve as a hint that Supacell’s ode to its director’s hometown will be its success factor. 

Due to the recent successes of South London-based films like Rye Lane, it’s clear that audiences enjoy relatable viewing, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Supacell gains status as a modern British television classic. And since the series is carried by an ensemble cast of actors that are less-known, it eliminates high expectations and will encourage viewers to take it for face value. 

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