Netflix movie of the day: The Theory of Everything is a heartwarming biopic about the life of Stephen Hawking

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The Theory of Everything sets the bar high when it comes to biopics. Eddie Redmayne puts on a powerhouse performance as physicist Stephen Hawking who is diagnosed with motor neurone disease at the age of 21. Despite the health obstacles Hawking faces, he goes on to become one of the leading scientists in his field with the support of his wife Jane (Felicity Jones).

Stephen Hawking’s resilience and the unwavering support from Jane certainly tugs at the heartstrings. The Theory of Everything is brimming with charm that’s punctuated by heartbreak, and handles Hawking’s personal life with care and consideration. It’s a standout biopic that you should absolutely watch on Netflix while it’s available.

The Theory of Everything’s star power shoots the biopic to new heights 

Directed by James Marsh, the autobiographical film bagged a number of awards, with Redmayne winning the Best Actor Oscar at the 2015 Academy Awards for his role as Hawking.And clearly, the judges weren’t the only people captivated by his performance, with The Independent saying: “What’s most impressive about The Theory Of Everything is how it transcends the pitfalls of the typical biopic. In spite of its very conventional approach to its material, the film has a lightness and inventiveness that most dramas taking us through the lives of real people lack. This is a love story but one with a lot of jargon about ‘space time singularity’ thrown in.”

Time Out was also captivated by the leads, saying: “Both performers are extraordinary, and while Redmayne has more physical mannerisms to master, Jones burns hotter as a strong woman who can’t forget her own needs.” TN2 Magazine echoes this sentiment, praising Redmayne going above and beyond with his acting ability: “The Theory of Everything is certainly no controversial biopic, but Redmayne towers above the sentimentality of the script.”

The Guardian also believes that The Theory of Everything manages to do something not every biopic can achieve: “It manages that rare thing in any movie, least of all a well-upholstered biopic, and that is a realistic relationship, with grace notes, and a bedrock of respect and affection.”

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