Every Netflix cancellation and renewal in July 2023

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To renew or cancel. That’s the regular monthly dilemma facing Netflix for its large suite of shows, with the streaming platform, regrettably, known far more for the latter than the former. So it’s good to keep account of what shows are coming back for a second serving, so you know exactly where to spend your hard-earned free time.

The difficult part can sometimes be keeping up with all of Netflix’s cancelled shows, considering they do happen quite frequently. So to help keep account of all the latest happenings from the streamer, we’ve rounded up every cancellation and renewal for Netflix that has taken place in July 2023. Naturally, some of these don’t come straight from Netflix as the company doesn’t like to make a song and dance about a show’s early demise, but we're working with the best information we can find – in some cases, these are clear-cut as we’ll ever get.

Netflix cancellations in July 2023

Snowflake Mountain – cancelled 

Let’s start with an experimental show that failed to trend long enough to warrant a second season. Snowflake Mountain, an eight-part reality series about 10 “clueless kidults” who are put through their paces at a survival retreat, became the first casualty of the month (via Deadline), After debuting in June last year, Netflix went quiet on the future of Snowflake Mountain, and now we can see why. 

Welcome to Eden – cancelled

Three cancellations surrounding Spanish shows happened in the space of one day with Welcome to Eden being the first to receive the chop, according to Spanish magazine Fotogramas. The sci-fi thriller about a group of young adults that venture to a remote island for a party only to encounter dangerous secrets and entrapments managed two seasons before being pulled. 

Sky High: The Series – cancelled

The second Spanish show cancellation (via Fotogramas) is Sky High: The Series, a spinoff to the 2020 movie starring Asia Ortega – not the 2005 superhero movie from Disney – that didn’t make it past season one. The series picks up with protagonist Sole deciding that, in the wake of her husband’s death, the best way to look after her son is to become a crime boss.

In Love All Over Again – cancelled

Again not making it to a second season, the third and final Spanish show to be scrapped (as confirmed via Fotogramas) is the coming-of-age romance In Love All Over. Debuting in February this year with Georgina Amorós and Francisco Masini starring in the lead roles, the show made it five months before being canned.

Masters of the Universe - cancelled 

Building on the popularity of Barbie, Mattel also partnered with Netflix for a live-action film based on He-Man. Variety is now reporting that the project has been killed after $30 million was already spent along with the casting of Kyle Allen in the lead role and The Lost City's Adam and Aaron Nee coming on board to direct as well. Masters of the Universe will now be shopped around to other streamers, so it may yet live. An animated series called Masters of the Universe: Revelation was previously released on Netflix with a follow-up, Masters of the Universe: Revolution, still in the works. 

Netflix renewals in July 2023

Back to 15 - renewed 

Based on Brune Vieira’s 2013 book of the same name, Back to 15 has now established an audience of its own in TV form, with the comedy drama now set to return for a third season. As confirmed by Netflix Brazil (via Twitter), the show follows a miserable 30-year-old Anita who goes back in time to when she was 15 to start messing around in other people’s lives and fix her own. 

Quarterback - renewed 

Netflix’s partnership with the NFL has apparently proven successful with Quarterback being renewed for a second season, according to executive producer Peyton Manning when speaking on the Rich Eisen Show: "Season 2 has been greenlit by Netflix. We're excited. We're hoping for more quarterbacks", said Manning (via Comicbook). The series covers an entire season of the NFL told through the eyes of a quarterback with the players mic’d up for every game. 

Elite - renewed 

A Netflix show into its eighth season! Yes, it’s a rare anomaly but Spanish show Elite has just done that with Netflix officially confirming that production of the latest series will take place in August. Created by Carlos Montero and Jaime Vaca, Elite tells the story of three working-class teenagers who are enrolled in a private school, leading to a clash with the wealthy that ends in murder. 

There you have it. That's all the moves made by Netflix in July. Last month Arnold Schwarzenegger's Fubar was renewed for a second season, after proving to be a bigger hit than Succession and Ted Lasso (based on viewing figures alone) If anyone has a chance of making their show get to the end before cancellation, it’s Arnie. 

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