Prime Video movie of the day: The Bad Guys are really good fun in this action-packed animation

The Bad Guys pose for a group selfie
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If you're in charge of any small people, you may already know The Bad Guys: they're the anti-heroes of the best-selling book series of the same name, a series of capers that'll have you hearing laughter from the kids' rooms long after lights out. And a movie, available free for Prime Video subscribers, brings them to the big screen in some style – and while it's first and foremost a kids' movie, this is a DreamWorks movie so there's plenty to amuse the adults too.

Is The Bad Guys worth streaming?

Yes. It's fast, it's funny and while it's not up there with DreamWorks' best animated movies it's still an excellent way to keep the kids amused on a rainy afternoon. It's essentially Ocean's Eleven for kids, featuring a cast of daft animals and a ton of movie references that the kids won't get but that'll make you laugh in recognition.

It's "an awful lot of fun," says, while The Spool suggests that "The Bad Guys is the perfect film to get younger viewers into crime flicks without the moral dilemma of having kids root for unrepentant criminals." 

The Movie Maven brings out a ton of comparisons: "Imagine Ocean's 11 meets Mission Impossible and Fast and Furious in a Zootopia style and you've got The Bad Guys. Adventurous, hilarious and twisty caper, tons of fun for all ages." And Screen Rant says: "With a great voice cast, beautiful animation, a well-crafted story and heartfelt themes, The Bad Guys is a highly entertaining and thrilling watch."

Few of the best Prime Videos movies are so good for the whole family, so be sure to add it to your watchlist.

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