What iPhone 7 SIM card size do I need?

iPhone 7 SIM card size

Apple's iPhone 7 bought a new feature in the form of water-proofing, but that wasn't all. While the design stayed largely like the previous generation, underneath were lots of new upgrades. From a slightly extended battery life to faster processing and even a better camera – there are plenty of reasons to opt for the iPhone 7.

If you already have one or are thinking of grabbing a handset, then the information you need to know is that for the iPhone 7 the SIM card slot fits a nano SIM. And as well as more information below, we'll also tell you how to get the best SIM only deal for your iPhone 7.

What is a nano SIM card?

The SIM card is at the heart of every phone and has been since the smartphone became a staple part of our realities. It's changed subtly though, getting smaller over the years. From standard SIM, it's slimmed down to mini SIM, then micro SIM and now is in the nano SIM format for most new phones - including the iPhone 7.

How do I get a nano SIM card?

You can grab a nano SIM for your iPhone 7 from your network provider either in a shop or via the phone and post. In both cases it will be free and issued quickly, meaning there's not much to hold you back from going SIMO. 

Deciding your network doesn't need to be limited by the SIM either if you have an unlocked handset, meaning you can pick the best deal for you. Check out our guide to the best SIM only deals here to find the ideal one for you.

How do I keep my old number?

If you want to make the jump to a new network you can do so while hanging onto your old number so as to avoid pesky updates for all your contacts. All you need is the ever helpful PAC code.

This is something you can get from your current network over the phone. Then, when you have a new SIM, call the new network and dish out that PAC code. They should have you up and running on your old number within 24 hours so you can carry on where you left off, only with a fresh new phone and network deal.

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