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Toshiba 46TL963 review

The very definition of cheap and cheerful

Toshiba 46TL963 review
Great Value
The Toshiba 46TL963 boasts 3G and smart TV features for a good price


  • Remarkably affordable
  • Slinky, space-saving design
  • Good pictures
  • Easy to use


  • Insubstantial online service
  • Uneven backlighting
  • Some 3D crosstalk
  • No built-in Wi-Fi

Although Toshiba isn't afraid to dabble with seriously fancy stuff at the very top of its TV range - including the remarkably cutting-edge Toshiba 55ZL2, with its 4K resolution and glasses-free 3D - it knows better than to muck about when it comes to the mainstream heart of its business.

Take this Toshiba 46TL963, for example. On paper, at least, this new 46-inch TV looks as if someone has taken all of the most important points on our TV wish list and assembled them together into a single, potentially irresistible product.

For starters, there's its design, which serves up the ultra-slim bezel and rear everyone seems to crave these days.

Toshiba 46TL963 review

The television also delivers multimedia playback from USB flash drives or DLNA PCs, and has reasonably potent-sounding picture processing, complete with a 200Hz-like picture engine.

Its drive to tick every possible box even extends to both an online 'smart TV' system and active 3D playback.

Best of all, though, there's its price. With most TV buyers on the hunt for a bargain as the hard times show little chance of receding, you can pick up a Toshiba 46TL963 from the exceptionally small sum of around £700 (around AU$1,097/US$1,121). This is a potential steal for a 46-inch TV with so much going on. Provided it turns out to be any good, that is.

Toshiba 46TL963 review

If by some miracle the almost made to order Toshiba 46TL963 doesn't fit your needs, then there are other options you could consider in Toshiba's TV range.

For instance, there's also a 40-inch version available, the Toshiba 40TL963B.

The recently launched Toshiba VL963 range introduces a passive 3D option, as well as upping the picture processing to '400Hz'. This range is available in 55-inch (Toshiba 55VL963), 47-inch (Toshiba 47VL963) and 42-inch (Toshiba 42VL963) options.

Toshiba 46TL963 review

If you feel like spending even less on a TV than the Toshiba 46TL963's bargain price, and can live without 3D pictures, there's the RL953 series, comprising the 40-inch Toshiba 40RL953 and 32-inch Toshiba 32RL953.

Rivals from outside Toshiba's television range include the LG 47LM670T, Panasonic TX-P42UT50 and Samsung UE46E5500, which we'll discuss in more detail on the Verdict page of this review.

For now, though, let's assume the Toshiba 46TL963 had you at hello, and find out if it's really as excellent an all-rounder as we hope it is.