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Rough day for discs: All Blockbuster stores 'to close', Sainsbury's goes all digital

Rough day for discs: All Blockbuster stores to close, Sainsbury's goes all digital
Feelin' Blu, Ray?

Mark down November 21 2013 in the books as another nail in the coffins of the long-suffering compact discs, DVDs, video games and Blu-rays.

Reports on Thursday claimed struggling home rental firm BlockBuster will be closing all of its remaining UK stores by the time Christmas rolls around, as it struggles to find a buyer.

Last month, the company fell into administration for the second time this year, mirroring problems in its US homeland. But this time it seems a saviour isn't on the horizon, meaning the potential loss of 2,000 jobs

MCV reports Blockbuster UK operations manager Dave Potter delivered the bad news to store managers in the remaining 264 UK locations, over the phone.

It's the Sain choice

Alongside Blockbuster's rapidly impending demise came word from Sainsbury's that it plans to completely halt sales of all physical media through its website by the end of February.

After the Christmas rush is over, the supermarket's website will no longer flog CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, video games. Heck, even books are off the agency. Instead it is going digital only

Thankfully, for those yet to embrace the digital revolution or minus a desire to, Sainsbury's will continue to sell discs and books in its brick and mortar stores.