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Kickstarter launching in the UK this autumn

Kickstarter launching in the UK this autumn
Kickstarter has made gadgets like the Pebble SmartWatch a reality
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The popular US-based crowd-sourcing website Kickstarter will open its doors to British-based innovators this autumn, the company has announced.

The website which has helped neat ideas like the Pebble Smartwatch, and the TriggerTrap camera trigger to become a reality, will accept submissions from outside the US for the time later this year.

Kickstarter took to its official Twitter account to break the news, which will come as a massive boost for Blighty-based inventors looking for new ways to get their tech made.

In a brief message the company posted: "People in the UK will be able to launch projects on Kickstarter starting this autumn! More info soon!

Get your ideas ready

Kickstarter will join around 44 other crowd-sourcing sites already online in the UK. However it is by far the most illustrious in the world and the extra visibility will be a boon for entrepreneurs.

So far the company, which is sort of like a Dragon's Den where everyone had a shot, has helped raised $275m for around 63,000 projects, with seven projects hitting the $1m plus mark this year.

The site encourages donations for projects, with the inventor often promising the first wave of the product within the donation price.

For the donors it also presents the chance to be part of the process of bringing the gadget to market, with regular updates from the inventors. All in all, everyone's a winner.

Via: Econsultancy