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11 high-tech toys that are just too good for kids

Puchi Puchi

This is as close to god-like genius as hi-tech toys ever get. In a nutshell, it's a never-ending bubble wrap on a keychain. Bliss. Press the bubbles for squidgy, popping satisfaction, and then be surprised by Puchi Puchi’s ability to hit you with other random sounds. Puchi Puchi (the Japanese phrase for the sound of bubbles popping) is available in clear, blue or pink. Prices start at around £6.

Tomy Guitar RockStar

Who needs an air guitar when you can have one of these? The Guitar RockStar comprises a guitar headstock with eight infra-red strings you strum, while playing along to one of eight built-in songs - or you can go totally freestyle and play your own power chords instead. We’ve seen the YouTube video of the Guitar RockStar in action and, frankly, it rocks. It can be yours for just £15 this summer.

Remote Control Sumos

Now this is what we call a sport - seeing two large, semi-naked Japanese people wrestling in a ring. Only this time we get to control their every move thanks to two remote controls which are able to spin the little plastic characters around the mat until one flies out and you win... or lose. We can’t think of many things that are this much fun for £13, unless you count that time round the back of Asda. Moving swiftly on...

Bop-It Download

Akin to repeatedly sticking forks in your eyes... and then loving every minute of it. Bop-It is as addictive as it is irritating as you twist, spin, flick and pull a series of dials and buttons in a maddening game that takes place over 15 different levels. What’s different about this version from its predecessors is that you can now download a whole new range of sounds and actions from your USB to its PC port. Best / worst of all, you can even use its built-in microphone to record your own sounds or plug it into your hi-fi. You and everyone else around you will love it / hate it in equal measure. And it’s just £15.

Tomy i-Sobot

Yup it’s another robot, but this one’s actually pretty good. Incredibly it stands just 16cm high and weighs just 300g, but that’s enough to pack in sensors, servos and brain cells galore - enough in fact for it to scoop a Guinness World Record. The i-Sobot comes with four different games modes, is brilliant at kung-fu and gymnastics and even responds to voice commands. i-Sobot finally launches in the UK in July and can be yours for £200.