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Microsoft Band 2 will let you talk to your Volvo soon

Microsoft Band 2 Volvo

CES 2016 has kicked off and it looks like we're going to see some new ways to look at wearables starting with Volvo and Microsoft Band 2.

The second-gen device from Microsoft will soon be able to talk to Volvo cars. From your wrist, you'll be able to set the navigation, start the heater, lock the doors, flash the lights or honk the horn all through Volvo's mobile app, Volvo on Call and the connected wearable device.

Microsoft Band 2 and Volvo

Volvo has already been working with Microsoft and the HoloLens demoing showrooms that will eventually let potential customers explore the vehicles through augmented reality. It makes sense that the Microsoft wearable has been integrated as well.

In a press release, Peggy Johnson, Executive Vice President of business development at Microsoft says, "Together with Volvo, we're just beginning to understand the potential that technology has to improve driver safety and productivity."

Microsoft band 2 and Volvo

The chance to connect your Microsoft Band 2 with Volvo cars will be available spring 2016. The specific models haven't been discussed yet, though it seems like Volvo on Call enabled cars - which released in 2001 - will be the ones to look out for.