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LG unveils 'Time Machine' DVR TVs

Go back in time - to when cheesy PR photos were acceptable
Go back in time - to when cheesy PR photos were acceptable
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LG has confirmed that it will be releasing its DVR televisions – which they've called 'Smart Time Machine Special Edition' televisions in time for the Beijing Olympics, but only for the Koreans market this far.

The Korean company has come up with four editions with the Time Machine built in – with two iterations of the LCD LG50ED Sunshine range and the Plasma PG31RD Topaz range.

The LCD will be available in 47 inch and 42 inch, whilst the Plasma has 47 or 50 inch versions.

The pricing and release schedule for Korea start at 1,650,000 South Korean Won for the 42" Topaz, which is around £800 – but would probably be a little higher when and if it makes its bow over here.

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