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Sky's the limit for on-demand with 460% increase in TV downloads

Sky's the limit for on demand with 460% increase in TV downloads
Big numbers from Sky

We just can't get enough of on-demand TV, it seems, with Sky now revealing huge leaps in the number of people downloading programmes to their set top boxes.

In the first three months of 2013, the average number of weekly downloads of shows and films to Sky boxes hit 4.5 million.

That's a lot of Mad Men, and a massive 460 per cent increase compared to the same time last year.

Time shift

But it's not just TV shows that are proving alluring for time shifters: Sky Movies also hit record-breaking heights as over 200 million films were watched on-demand last year.

It comes as no surprise that Game of Thrones was a big on-demand hitter, with 1.4 million people tuning into the first two seasons in the week following the third season's premiere alone.

As a special treat, Sky is giving customers a week's headstart on new dramas including Hannibal, Mad Dogs, Trollied and The Borgias, making the first episodes available on demand before they're aired on TV.