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Sky+ HD with Wi-Fi box priced, going wireless won't cost the earth

Sky+ HD with Wi-Fi box priced, going wireless won't cost the earth
Sky's new Wi-Fi boxes were available online for a short time

Sky's recently-announced Wi-Fi enabled set-top box will be available to buy outright from £179, according to one third-party retailers pricing of the device.

The new wireless box, which Sky will automatically provide to new customers and some who're yet to upgrade to HD, was available to buy from the AerialSat website, but has since been pulled.

Before its removal, presumably at Sky's behest, the 500GB iteration was listed at £179, while the 2TB version was £279. That compares with the site's £160 (500GB) and £275 prices for the non-Wi-Fi boxes.

Sky is expected to begin its roll out in September, while those with existing HD boxes can also pick up low-cost wireless adaptors to ensure they can also ditch the ethernet cable and the associated clutter.

On Demand drive

Sky's Wi-Fi drive is aimed primarily at increasing the amount of viewers able to connect to its on-demand viewing options, in the face of competition from Netflix, Lovefilm and other streaming portals.

Back in July Sky CEO said: "This will ensure every new customer will be connected automatically, and we'll also roll out this box selectively to existing customers who don't yet have an HD box."

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