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In pictures: LG Smart TV with Google TV

In pictures: LG Smart TV with Google TV
Google on the goggle box
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With all the talk of Google TV, it has to be remembered that the service hadn't been available straight from a television until CES 2012, when a partnership with LG was announced.

Before, it had to be beamed through a set-top box and the like which made it less desirable. This is why seeing Google TV on an LG television is a refreshing change and it also bolsters LG's own Smart TV functionality.

LG google tv

Those familiar with Google TV will be right at home with what LG is offering. You get the same selection of apps and services and the search functionality is all present and correct. LG has obviously put its own skin on to Google TV but it looks great and is definitely in line with the rest of LG's Smart TV services.

LG google tv

What's different is just how you find all of Google's goodies and this has to do with LG's rather innovative remote.

LG remote

Not as bulky as other Google TV remotes we have seen, this one has all your usual remote buttons on the front. Flip it over and you have a qwerty keyboard on the back, so you can make use of Google's search options.

LG remote

The remote also has motion control built in, so you point the curser and interact with the TV this way. There is also a scrollwheel situated in the middle of the device.

LG google tv

There's no word on an LG Smart TV with Google TV UK release date or on pricing but we are hoping it will come to the UK sometime in the summer.


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