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In pictures: Toshiba's Cell Regza TV

Toshiba Cell Regza HDTV
Toshiba's Cell Regza HDTV pulls no punches

Toshiba's LED-backlit Cell Regza TV is just about the highest-end TV you could possibly get. Sound bar? Check. 1TB hard drive? Check. 802.11n wireless? Check. Internal Blu-ray player? Yep.

Pricing for the unit remains elusive, but it will be A LOT.

Toshiba cell regza side

The ZX900 display also comes with an extra media box that enables you to attach all your devices – such as Sky or a games console – separately and then beam it to the screen using Wireless HD.

Toshiba cell regza media box

Toshiba cell regza front ports

Teleconferencing is also supported, though Toshiba stopped short of a tie-up with Skype as offered by LG and Panasonic.

Toshiba cell regza remote

The 480Hz screen is also 3D compatible, with support for formats including MPEG4-AVC and RealD. It'll also convert any 2D content to 3D, too.

Toshiba cell regza bottom

The hard drive means it can act as a home server itself and can dish its wares out to any other DLNA-certified device.

Toshiba cell regza top

The Cell Regza will be available in two different styles, Genesis and Illusion, with screen sizes varying between 46 and 65-inches.

Toshiba cell regza rear

Toshiba cell regza connections

Toshiba cell regza soundbar