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Microsoft to show off Windows 10's consumer features at January event

Windows 10
Not long to wait

Microsoft showed off Windows 10's desktop and mouse features when it made the enterprise-focused technical preview available to download on October 1, and as expected, it offered very little in the way of new touch functionality.

According to a new report, you might not have long to wait to see Windows 10's tactile side and its consumer features. Microsoft insiders told The Verge that Redmond is planning to show them off at an event to be held in late January, which will be separate to Microsoft's appearance at CES during the middle of the month.

As the report notes, Microsoft previously said that it would unveil the new operating system's consumer features in "early 2015", so a date of late January fits the bill.

Windows 10 brings a number of new features, including a revamped Start Menu with Live Tiles, new options for snapping and arranging Windows and virtual desktops, a new desktop-friendly Charms bar and a new, shortcut-friendly command prompt.