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Effortless back-ups with new Clickfree hard drive

Apparently around 90% of you free-wheeling rebels out there don't back up your data regularly, but now you really don't have any excuse.

Simply connect the Clickfree HD801 from Storage Appliance Corporation to your PC and it will automatically search, organize and copy 'all' your data and files to its 160GB hard drive.

All or nothing

The paperback-sized portable (180g) device is powered via two USB cables and should work instantly with Windows 2000, XP or Vista.

The HD801 scans for changes to media, documents and even Outlook emails but not system or program files. Those users who don't mind the odd click or two can change even which folders and file extensions the Clickfree drive will index.

Of course, 160GB is a bit meagre on the storage side these days, especially given the Clickfree's $160 price-tag. There's also no mention of shock protection for the 2.5-inch, 5400rpm SATA disc. That's right – you might have to consider backing up your back-up device...