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Nikon to issue firmware update to correct 'green screen' issue?

Nikon D800
The screen of the D800 has been reported as having a "green cast"

It is rumoured that Nikon will issue a firmware upgrade for the D800 which, among other things, will fix problems with the screen.

It has been widely reported that the Nikon D800 screen has the tendency to present images with a cooler than accurate cast, emphasising any green tones in an image.

We found this to be true when using the camera for our D800 review, as well as on some other models in Nikon's range, including the D4 and recently introduced entry level D3200.

Speaking to TechRadar, Nikon UK told us that the colour of the screen was all down to viewing conditions, with studio conditions being the optimal place to view the screen to avoid a colour cast.

However, rumours have suggested that a fix could be on the way via a firmware upgrade which will reset the colour profile to match older cameras, such as the D700 or D3S.


Nikon had previously suggested that it was older cameras displaying colours incorrectly that was the problem, and that the D800 was more realistic, so if a firmware upgrade is issued, it's somewhat of a backtrack for the company.

Other rumoured fixes in the next firmware upgrade include a solution for wireless flash triggering.

Nikon issued a firmware upgrade for the D800 earlier in the year which fixed a problem with the camera locking up.

via NikonRumors