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Visual voicemail comes to EE's 4G iPhone 5

Visual voicemail comes to EE's 4G iPhone 5
No more schlepping about calling voicemail

The UK's only 4G iPhone 5 option finally brings visual voicemail with it, as EE manages to add the advanced message service into the mix.

If you're rocking an iPhone 5 on one of EE's 4G plans, you can now enable visual voicemail by texting "iPhone visual" to 150.

It may take up to 24 hours for the visual voicemail to kick into action but the data it uses to download messages is free of charge which may be a relief to those of you on data-strapped 4G plans.


Anyone buying a 4G iPhone 5 from EE from now on can have the visual voicemail service activated in EE stores or online.

There are currently no other networks offering commercial 4G in the UK, although Ofcom is currently raffling off the necessary spectrum to allow O2, Vodafone, 3 and others to offer the next-gen network from later this year.

Hopefully prices for 4G contracts will come down when the other networks launch their deals - in the meantime, those shelling out for EE's 4G iPhone 5 can peruse their voicemails at leisure.

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