Nokia hints at new tablet strategy with Microsoft

Nokia looking at a Microsoft tablet?
Nokia looking at a Microsoft tablet?

Nokia has hinted that tablets could play a big part in its future by confirming it is free to pursue its own strategy in that area.

At the recent investor press conference to announce the tie-up with Windows Phone 7, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop confirmed that Nokia has some tablet plans in the works:

"When it comes to this platform, we reserve the right to introduce tablets on other platforms.

"Whether that be internal projects or we could take advantage of what Microsoft is innovating with, we've nothing to announce on that today."

MeeGo gone?

Elop did downplay the chance of that being a MeeGo tablet though, as when questioned about the point of launching a tablet with a dead OS, he said 'You've answered your own question there."

It seems that MeeGo is going to transition into an 'exploratory tool' for Microsoft, with Elop stating that it will be used to 'anticipate the next disruption' in the tablet or smartphone markets.

However, he did also confirm that there will still be a MeeGo product shipping this year, which is likely to be a netbook given what we saw at CES.