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Nokia finally launches DRM-free Comes with Music

Comes with Music gets an upgrade
Comes with Music gets an upgrade

Update: read our Nokia 5230 review

Nokia has announced that it will be bringing a new version of its Comes with Music unlimited MP3 download service without DRM - but only in China.

Nokia has been offering its CwM service for over a year in Europe, but has now made the move into the massive Chinese market.

Quite why the brand has chosen this territory as the first place to make CwM DRM free we don't know, especially given the more prevalent file-sharing that goes on.

Comes on many mobiles

CwM will be available in China with the purchase of eight devices, including the Nokia X6 (32GB and16GB flavours), Nokia 5230, Nokia 5330, Nokia 5800w, Nokia 6700s, Nokia E52 and Nokia E72i.

Prices will start from 140 Euros (£120) excluding local taxes and subsidies, meaning it's a pretty good deal for all you can eat music on some of these phones.

We've contacted Nokia to see if the same thing will be coming to the UK ; if it did, the service would probably see a massive uptake whereas consumers have been mostly disinterested in the current CwM offering.