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Nokia brings widgets to mobiles

Widgets will be available for Nokia S60 devices like the N95

Mobile phone users will soon be able to use widgets on their handsets, with Nokia announcing that it will be supporting the web-based mini-applications on its Symbian S60 smartphones.

S60 mobile users will be able to enjoy a PC-like widget experience with a wide range of personalised lightweight applications sitting on their phone that can get information, content and services delivered automatically to the handset without the user having to open up a web browser and search for information.

Getting into widgets ahead of the launch of Apple's iPhone , Nokia will be opening up the development of widgets for S60 devices with the launch a new Web application development environment, Web Run-Time. This will enable developers to create widgets and other web applications for phones using familiar standards-based Web technologies like Ajax, JavaScript, CSS and HTML.

Widgets for S60 devices will be available through several channels, Nokia announced, including WidSets - a site that already enables users to get a wide variety of third party widgets and RSS updates on their phones. A Web Run-Time software developer toolkit for S60 widgets is being lined up for the third quarter of 2007 and will be available on the Forum Nokia website.

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