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LG to release 12MP cameraphone

LG plotting a 12MP cameraphone
LG plotting a 12MP cameraphone

LG has revealed to TechRadar that it plans to keep up in the megapixel race by releasing a cameraphone with a 12MP sensor, likely this year.

Speaking to Jeremy Newing, LG Mobile's head of marketing in the UK, he told us that the company was 'absolutely' going down this road.

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"We'll very much be releasing a 12MP camera phone... it's the same when you're buying a car, if you've got two equal cars then you'll obviously go for the one with the bigger engine.

"However, it's important that people realise when taking 12MP images, they'll be using huge amounts of data, and it will be more difficult to do things like send such files."

Bigger isn't always better

However, Newing also pointed out that simply getting bigger and better megapixel sensors won't keep consumers happy, as other features will obviously be just as important in making sure imaging stays cutting edge on phones:

"Will [the megapixel wars] stop at 12MP? I don't know, but getting lens quality is something else that's a requirement, and optical zoom is important too, although I can't go into detail other than to say we have a clear imaging strategy.

"However, we obviously can't afford not to be part of the 12MP cameraphone infrastructure, and we will do that and add differentiation, through things like beauty enhancer and smile shot."