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Google adds voice control to Android G-Maps

Google updates Maps for Android
Google updates Maps for Android

Google has released an upgrade for Maps on Android, allowing you to control the application using the power of your voice.

The search giant has also added transit and walking directions for the service, and the new roll out will include 250 cities with London and other parts of the UK covered by the service.

Voice control, though it might look strange when walking down the road asking your mobile to do things (pretend you're on the phone is the best bet), will give you information such as opening hours, prices, ratings, and reviews.

Google even promises that it will recognise British, American and Australian accents, so most of the English-speaking world is covered.

Walking just got easier

Transit and walking directions will give you all the information you need on getting around your new playground, and if you want to share your location with your friends, Google has updated its controversial Latitude feature.

It says it has fixed some bugs in the software and brings some experimental features such as Updates, where you can post messages to your friends when you see they're in 'interesting places', according to the Big G, although your friends will need the updated G-Maps to use the feature.

And the best bit is you can get the new Maps application through Android Market, so no need to wait for your network operator to decide you need a firmware update before you can get the shiny new maps app.

Via Official Google Blog

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