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Nokia revs up new Ferrari mobile

Nokia Vertu Ferrari Ascent Ti
Nokia Vertu Ferrari Ascent Ti

If you've got a Ferrari sitting in your drive, then chances are you've probably got more money then you know what to do with, which is why Nokia has cranked up its Vertu range and brought out a new Ferrari Ascent Ti.

The phone is made of titanium, forged at 850˚C, has a sapphire crystal mix covering the camera lens, flash and screen and has a battery cover in the shape of a Ferrari hood.

However, even though this phone is likely to cost more than £3,000, you still only get basic handset under the bonnet.


4GB of internal memory is backed up by a measly 3MP camera, integrated flash, although 3G connectivity is included.

But why would you worry about all those boring specs when there's a leather cover with the Prancing Horse logo stitched right in, AND you get Ferrari-themed wallpapers and ringtones to boot. Bargain.

Get one of these yourself later this year, and we'll let you know when we get official confirmation on price.