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New pics of Nokia's E75 RIM-slayer emerge

The new Nokia E75
The new Nokia E75

Those of you umming and ahhing between a Nokia E-Series and a BlackBerry handset should take a moment to look at new photos of Nokia's latest handset to be spotted: the E75.

Sporting the same side-slider keyboard as the N97 and the beyond-bizarre 5730 XpressMusic, this is clearly designed for the power user.

If you wanted proof above and beyond the E-series moniker, check out the 3.2MP camera (Nokia's rule of phones: wear a suit = don't need a decent camera) the dual-keypad input and the dedicated buttons for messaging and the organiser.

Sorry, can't stop

Word has it this is set to debut at Mobile World Congress later next month and given Nokia's penchant for rushing out its business range, it could feasibly arrive before the N97 later this year.

Overall, we have to say that Nokia is trying to keep its head above water with its business users and changing the form factor is usually a make or break move.

But since RIM has moved back onto Nokia handsets, things might be looking a little rosier for the Finns and their new chrome-toting baby.