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Handheld gaming: Zeemote looks to Nokia

The Zeemote: teeny
The Zeemote: teeny

Hot on the heels of the deal with Sony Ericsson in the Netherlands, Zeemote, the makers of handheld gaming devices for mobiles, has said it will link up with Nokia in Germany.

The difference between the two deals is Nokia will be offering the device, which has a little thumb joystick and four little teeny-weeny buttons, by itself or bundled with 'select devices'.

Thumb fun

While TechRadar has always been unconvinced mobile gaming will work with peripherals, the fact Nokia will offer it with 'selected mobiles' hints that it will tie in with the N-Gage platform.

Connecting via Bluetooth, it allows user to interact with games and other applications on the phone, so we assume you'll be able to use it to scroll around apps as well.

Though what's wrong with the phone's navigation system, we don't know.

Anyway, if you're German, you'll be able to pick this up later in the year. Woohoo, we can hear you cry.