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'Revised' 9.7-inch iPad to boast 4G connectivity for UK users?

UK 4G connectivity coming to 'revised' 9.7-inch iPad line?
EE's 4G launch may open the door for an iPad 4G in the UK

A tweaked version of the 9.7-inch new iPad will bring 4G connectivity on the EE network in the UK, according to a Guardian report.

The 'revised' iPad 3 model will be announced alongside the rumoured 'iPad Mini' later this month according to the report.

'Industry sources' say the device will be instantly compatible with Everything Everywhere's 4G network and will also feature also feature the Lightning connector that recently debuted on the iPhone 5 handset.

Those sources say the revamped tablet would feature a 4G chip, compatible with EE's 1800Mhz LTE network, launching next month and on the Three network, which is due next autumn.

iPad mini Wi-Fi only?

4G LTE connectivity was a headline feature of the new iPad 3 in the United States where networks were already in place, but at the time, the UK had no such opportunities to harness next-gen mobile speeds.

The company had run into problems with advertising standards regulators in the UK and Australia over coining the device 'iPad 4G' when those nations only had access to advanced 3G services.

The Guardian report also brings word that the iPad Mini, expected to become available in November, will be Wi-Fi only without 3G or 4G cellular services.

The rumoured 7.8-inch tablet is likely to be a cheaper alternative to the full-size device, so the lack of mobile internet would allow Apple to keep the cost down for consumers and help it to compete with the ultra-affordable Google Nexus 7 and Amazon Kindle Fire models.

Via Guardian