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Nokia Windows 8 tablet to land late 2012?

Nokia Windows 8 tablet to land late 2012?
Nokia? Making a Microsoft thing? Sounds plausible

Microsoft's bestest bud Nokia may be planning a Windows 8 tablet for release in the last quarter of 2012 "at the earliest".

The speculation comes from Digitimes' upstream component supplier sources, who've had a look into their mystical crystal ball of tech and dredged up some further details.

Apparently Nokia's got a 10-inch slate in mind, with a dual-core Qualcomm processor and 10-inch display to play with.

Speculate to accumulate

The suggested release date would place the Nokia Win 8 tablet in the lucrative Christmas buying season, but seems likely to be slip into 2013 by the sources' use of "at the earliest", if the tablet exists at all.

Windows 8, which entered public beta (or, as Microsoft likes to call it, Consumer Preview) at MWC 2012, seems to be on track for full release around September 2012.

Like Apple, Microsoft is trying to unify its desktop and mobile experiences, so Windows 8 takes the Metro interface from Windows Phone and runs with it. You can see what we make of the new approach in our hands on Windows 8 review.

And, while you patiently wait for Q4 to roll round, you can see Windows 8 in action on a tablet in our handy video below:

From Digitimes