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Internal tests suggest imminent Google Music launch

Go go Google Music
Go go Google Music

Google has begun internal testing of its long-awaited music service, Google Music, according to music industry sources.

Google Music is set to take on iTunes and has been 'about to launch' for quite some time now, with a Motorola exec previously saying that it would launch with Android 3.0.

That obviously didn't happen. Nor did Google Music debut at Christmas, aboard the Xoom or at South by Southwest, as other rumours suggested.

Sans music

According to cnet's music industry sources, the technology of the service is good to go but Google Music is sadly lacking in one rather crucial element: music.

The cloud-based streaming service is supposedly intended to stream music collections stored online for users to stream to mobile devices, computers etc. but Google also wants to sell music through the programme.

Negotiations with publishers and record labels are said to be ongoing, and we won't see Google Music launch until it has some actual music.

From cnet