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iGoogle given art overhaul

Do you know what it is yet?

Google has attempted to jazz up its iGoogle service – allowing users to put designs by the likes of Jeff Koons, the band Coldplay and, in a (brush) stroke of genius, Rolf Harris on their personal homepages.

iGoogle allows people to customise a page with gadgets and RSS feeds, but the relative paucity of designs has never truly endeared it to the masses.

Two little boys...

But can any man resist the lure of having a Marc Ekko exclusive, or better still Rolf’s landscapes draped across their browser?

We think not.

Anne Geddes famous baby photos make an appearance, Dolce & Gabbana provide a leopard skin (we assume it’s fake) and Kwon Ki Soon’s efforts are, well, colourful.

Check them out at