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Google Maps' My Location comes to PCs

My Location now available for computers
My Location now available for computers

Google has announced it has brought the My Location feature, found on Google Maps, to the desktop.

Previously only available through smartphones, My Location shows approximately where you are on Google Maps in the form of a blue circle.

While the idea that you can see where you are on a static computer is a it of a 'meh' one, the service will come into its own for those who use My Location on the go on their laptops.

Blue button

"When you visit Google Maps with a supported web browser, you'll see a new My Location button in the top left corner of the map," explains Steve Block, Software Engineer and Noam Ben Haim, Product Manager on the Google blog.

"Simply click the button to center the map to your approximate location. If your location can be determined accurately enough, it's shown with a blue circle, just like on Google Maps for Mobile.

"Click the button again to remove the blue circle, or to re-center the map after you've moved it away."

As for the supported browsers, it looks as if Internet Explorer users are out of luck, with Mozilla FireFox 3.5+ and Google Chrome 2.0+ being the browsers of choice.