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Creative launches stylish new iPod nano speaker

Creative's new Travelsound i80 iPod nano speaker

Creative has announced the rather nifty looking little TravelSound i80 docking speaker for the latest model iPod nano.

TechRadar has to agree with the manufacturer that the dock is "sleek, stylish and versatile", though we do hope that it doesn’t encourage yet more young ruffians to blast out music on the back seat of our bus each morning.

Photoframe nano

The i80’s rechargable battery lasts up to 15 hours, claims Creative, and can be recharged via a simple USB lead. We will be sure to put that to the test as soon as we get a unit in for review.

And while it looks pretty tiny, the i80 still packs in four micro drivers and a mini digital amplifier.

It even features an adjustable stand, should you choose to use your iPod nano as a photo frame on your desk. A snip at £49.99, available now.