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Onkyo's debut Wi-Fi speaker can handle any streaming tech you throw at it

Onkyo NCP-302

Onkyo is a brand better known for its range of separate Hi-Fi and home cinema equipment, but with the entire industry moving in the direction of all-in-one streaming solutions it was only a matter of time before the Japanese audio giant got in on the action.

That's now finally happened with the announcement of the NCP-302, Onkyo's first entry into the world of streaming speakers.

The speaker itself contains dual 3-inch woofers and a single 1-inch twitter and is available in either white or black.

Full suite of connectivity

In terms of connectivity the speaker supports Google Cast for streaming your music from all compatible apps. Play-Fi, DTS's competitor to Google Cast, is also included, as well as Apple's proprietary AirPlay.

You can also use Bluetooth, Ethernet and a standard 3.5mm jack to get your music playing, in addition to Onkyo's own FireConnect technology.

The NCP-302 will be available later this year at a price that's yet to be announced.

Via Cnet