TicWatch C2 review

A reworking of the original TicWatch

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It’s difficult to get excited about the Mobvoi TicWatch C2 as it doesn’t do much that's all that different to other smartwatches on the market.

Where it gets exciting is the price, and the fact that this is a significant discount on a lot of other Wear OS watches on the market is a big deal.

A lot of what most people will want from a smartwatch is on offer here, so you can expect the TicWatch C2 to suit you if you want to be able to use Google Pay or just get notifications directly to your wrist.

Who's this for?

There’s no denying that this is a budget option. It doesn’t have the most premium design of any watch you can buy right now, but it’s a great-looking device when you consider how much it costs compared to some of the alternatives out there.

If you’re on a limited budget for your smartwatch, the C2 may suit you perfectly as it offers pretty much everything most people want from a premium smartwatch but comes in at a lower price.

This device certainly isn’t for vegans or anyone who doesn’t like leather as that’s the only option right now. It also isn’t a device for you if you need long life battery for trips away or a period of a few days away from a wall socket. If that’s you, look to the TicWatch Pro instead.

Should you buy it?

We really like the TicWatch C2. It isn’t the blingiest device you can buy, and it’s far from the most exciting. Yet again though Mobvoi has made one of the most competitively priced devices, with a cost that almost brings it to the level where some people will just buy it for a toy to play around with.

Notifications work well, Wear OS is sturdy enough and there’s enough power on the watch to get through most tasks you’ll want to do. For the odd jog this is a suitable tracker too, but don’t expect this to compete with your friend’s top-end sports watch, especially if you like to swim.

Overall, go for this as an affordable alternative to the Apple Watch 4 or the Samsung Galaxy Watch if you mostly just want notifications on your wrist and a bunch of apps to play with.

First reviewed: December 2018


Don’t think the TicWatch C2 is going to cut it? Below we’ve listed some alternatives you may want to take a look at before making your decision.

TicWatch S

Sitting around the same price as the TicWatch C2, this is an alternative from the company that you may want. The slightly nicer design is the main highlight here.

You will miss out on extras like being able to use Google Pay on your watch though. If you’re really set on a Mobvoi watch, you’ll like the look of the next device below too.

TicWatch Pro

One of the oddest smartwatches on the market right now, the TicWatch Pro features two different screens. The company has managed to put a full color display on top of a monochrome display that’s used to display the time when your watch is running out of battery.

This costs more money than the TicWatch C2, but if you’re looking for a smartwatch that has some class as well as a top-end feature like the dual screen display, you may like what the Pro offers.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

At the time of writing this is our favorite smartwatch money can buy, and the premium look is part of the reason why.

The Galaxy Watch also has good battery life and great software (as it runs Tizen rather than Wear OS). This will cost you far more than the TicWatch C2, but if you just want the best of the best then it could be a worthwhile investment.

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