Motorola Moto X Force review

Forceful in more ways than one

Motorola Moto X Force review

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Motorola has addressed one of the key issues with the Moto X Style by fitting out the Moto X Force with a hefty 3760mAh battery.

That's a good 25% bigger than the power pack found in the Style. Given that both phones run pixel-packed QHD displays, such a sizeable battery is arguably necessary.

The Moto X Force also benefits from Motorola's TurboPower charging technology, which means you can get 13 hours of battery life out of a 15-minute charge. It's a great trick, and one we far prefer to wireless charging.

Motorola Moto X Force review

That's not to say that the Moto X Force is lacking on that front, either. While Motorola doesn't exactly shout about the fact, its tough new phone supports Qi wireless charging out of the box, although as usual you'll need to purchase the necessary charging dock separately.

So how does the Moto X Force battery perform? Very well, as it turns out. I was routinely able to get through a full day of moderate usage – which might involve 15 minutes or so of 3D gaming, a few brief YouTube videos, a couple of calls, several web browsing sessions, and some texting and emailing – with 30% or more to spare.

On lighter-use days, that figure would stretch to 40% or even 50%, thus achieving Motorola's claim of two-day battery life.

The Moto X Style, by comparison, would be in single digits by the time you climbed into bed at the end of a moderately taxing day.

This improvement is confirmed when running the standard techradar battery test. This involves running a 90-minute 720p looping video with the display brightness cranked right up to max.

At the end of these runs I found that the Moto X Force had lost just 11% of battery life on average. Compare that to the 30% loss of the Moto X Style in the same test, and you'll see the obvious strides Motorola has taken through the simple inclusion of a bigger battery.

Even the Moto X Play, with its less demanding 1080p display and only slightly smaller 3630mAh battery, couldn't quite match the Moto X Force, losing 15% of its power over the same test.