Motorola Moto X Force review

Forceful in more ways than one

Motorola Moto X Force review

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You can get the Moto X Force with either 32GB or 64GB of internal storage, and it also features a microSD card slot for up to 2TB of expanded storage.

As a side note, the microSD slot can be filled with a second micro SIM (the SIM slot and the microSD slot are one and the same), so you can run two mobile numbers from the one phone.

The reason we love our storage, of course, is because of all the lovely media there is to consume out there. And the Moto X Force makes for a very good way to watch movies, play games, and listen to music.


As I mentioned earlier, one of the joys of Motorola's phones is the lack of extraneous bloat, and that's evident when considering its media offerings.

There's just one music app here, and it's a good one. Google Play Music has turned into a formidable music service, combining a Spotify-like subscription service (if you sign up) with a traditional MPS3 store and a free cloud-based repository and media player for your existing MP3 files.

Motorola Moto X Force review

Whatever the source of your music, the Moto X Force outputs it expertly. You don't get the dual front-facing speakers of the Moto X Style, but that doesn't actually have much of an effect on music playback.

After all, who plays their music out loud over their smartphone speakers? Jerks do. And you're not a jerk, are you?

Hook up a decent set of headphones and the Moto X Force is as good a music player as any other phone.


Where those sub-optimal speakers aren't so hot is when it comes to video playback. This is where decent speakers and stereo sound come in handy, so the Moto X Force's mono setup is a bit of a downer.

Don't get me wrong – they're loud and clear enough –but they lack the balance of the Moto X Style with its stereo sound.

Still, stick a set of headphones in and the Moto X Force is as good as the Style for watching movies, and possibly better. Its display isn't quite as large, but 5.4 inches is still plenty big enough for a decent experience.

Motorola Moto X Force review

The Force's QHD resolution ensures that HD and 2K content looks fabulous, while its AMOLED screen ensures that blacks are deep, and that colours pop.

It could be argued that Motorola's bare bones approach to Android leads it into trouble here, as there's no dedicated video player. So if you transfer a bunch of videos you own to the Moto X Force's storage you'll have to access them through the Gallery app, which has a Video section tucked away in its menu.

It's far from a glaring issue, but it's also far from ideal.


Where the Moto X Force really excels on the media front is when it comes to gaming. Put simply, it's the best gaming phone Motorola makes.

Speakers aside, it has the ideal hardware to make games sing. There's that powerful Snapdragon 810 CPU, which as we've discussed, runs advanced 3D games beautifully.

Motorola Moto X Force review

It also has that QHD AMOLED display. Colourful, sharp games of both 2D and 3D varieties like Horizon Chase, Beneath The Lighthouse and Monument Valley look stunning here.

That curiously sized 5.4-inch display seems nicely balanced for games too – plenty big enough to take in all the detail while remaining wieldy when stretching for virtual controls.