LG Optimus One review

Another 3.2" Android phone arrives, but just a little bit too late

The definitive LG Optimus One review
The definitive LG Optimus One review

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Music playback is handled by the standard Android 2.2 tool. Which means very, very bland menus, along with a list-based and austere approach to your media.

LG optimus one review: media

The Android music player functions perfectly well, of course, with Android 2.2 featuring a smart Home screen widget that enables you to play and pause your tunes. Click on it to open the full player. Users can then sort music by artist, album, song title or playlist, with a press of the Menu button adding the current song to a playlist, or even letting you set it as your ringtone. If you don't mind being hated by everyone in the vicinity, that is.

LG optimus one review: video

The video player is a bit more advanced, with LG adding in support for all popular online video formats. That said, we had a problem with a couple of standard definition Xvid encodes of TV shows which refused to play and popped up a "video resolution not supported" error. On the plus side, the phone easily handles WMV files and DivX content, so it's more than capable of functioning as a decent portable media player.

LG optimus one review: youtube

The YouTube app is present as ever. You're also able to download the very latest version of Google's app from the Android Market, redesigned screen layout and all.

Some of the more complex and more demanding modern apps such as TweetDeck run well, with little in the way of slowdown. But there's one much more important question: can it run Angry Birds?

LG optimus one review: angry birds

Yes. Thank God for that.