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The iPhone 4S now packs 1080p video recording, making it much easier to take footage and spew it across to your big screen TV in full pixel glory.

iPhone 4s review

Apple's hasn't just stopped at Full HD with the iPhone 4S though, as it's also included anti-shake functionality that really does work to stabilise video, as you can see in our samples below:

Alcatel one touch 990

The same backlight illumination sensor has been added in to the video mode as well, making it easy to get good quality shots in low light. The video light is nice and bright too, as you can see in the cat video, so you've got a choice of shots should you want to mess around recording at dusk.

Apple has packed the same video editing tools into the new software as before - basically you can trim video by dragging the slider across, or install iMovie (for a price) to make more professional versions of your home movies with ease.