EE Kestrel review

The cheapest 4G smartphone on the market

EE Kestrel review
Can this low cost 4G smartphone take flight?

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Motorola Moto G

When it comes to the budget market, no matter what phone is being discussed there is one phone that will always loom in the background; the Moto G. Motorola's budget handset gives even the higher end flagships a run for their money.

Packing a quad-core also clocked at 1.2GHz and a matching 1GB of RAM, complete with a 5MP sensor puts the Moto G on a very similar par to the EE Kestrel, although the HD 720p screen gives the G something really loud to shout about.

Moto G

More importantly the Moto G also packs in Android 4.4 KitKat where the Kestrel lags a little behind on 4.3 Jelly Bean, and a pure Google experience means no Emotion UI to contend with either.

That said, the Kestrel still packs in microSD support and 4G technology is also missing from the G, but Motorola has just launched the £149 Moto G 4G which includes both of those features - so it's certianly game on here

Nokia Lumia 520

Another handset that has taken the budget market by storm is the Nokia Lumia 520. Rather than packing Android inside it packs Windows Phone. This means access to the live tiling system that apes the widget based system that is found on the Google OS.

Whilst the specs are lower, including the 1GHz dual-core CPU the Finnish firm has always been keen to highlight that its OS is less power intensive. A 5MP camera matches that on the EE Kestrel but comes without an LED flash, nor does it pack a front facing camera.

Nokia Lumia 520

Nokia's entry also comes in significantly cheaper than the EE Kestrel, available on 3G contracts from as low as £8.50pm rather than the £13.99pm making it more appealing if you're after a decent phone on a super cheap contract.

Huawei Ascend G6

Given that the EE Kestrel is heavily based upon the Huawei Ascend G6 it makes sense that there will be comparisons made. With the latter also being available for around a similar price tag it makes sense that the G6 is a phone to consider.

Running the same OS with the same Emotion UI gives the Ascend G6 a very similar feel, as does the same 2000mAh battery, 1.2GHz quad-core CPU, 1GB RAM and even the same 540 x 960 screen. That said the Chinese firm has kept some tricks up its own sleeve.

Ascend G6

The biggest change found between the 4G Huawei and the 4G Kestrel is the camera tech, with the Chinese firm's device packing in an improved 8MP rear sensor as well as a 5MP front facing camera that dwarfs the 1MP that is found on the Kestrel.