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Tritton AXPC review

These huge headphones boast excellent sound quality, if you can keep them on

We were unable to find anybody that could fit these enormous things on their bonce

Our Verdict

Sound-wise, these are a gem, but are too uncomfortable and awkward to justify splashing your cash on


  • Excellent sound performance
  • No need for a sound card on your computer


  • Too big and awkward to wear
  • Pricey

Okay, so what's the most important thing when you're looking for a new set of gaming headphones? Well, most of the time I'd say sound quality, in which case these AXPC headphones come up trumps. The USB interface powers the in-built sound card, which in turn powers the unprecedented eight speakers set into the hunky ear shells.

On the attached dongle you can select top, middle and bass settings as well as volume and microphone settings. So far it all sounds pretty damn good, (no pun intended) with 5.1 surround sound without the need for a separate sound card.

Monster headphones

But this is where I start to have issues, if you're such a hardcore gamer then surely you've already got a decent sound card, especially with the X-Fi range being available for a pittance these days. If so then you just need a decent set of cans to plug into the line out port.

That problem though is a personal, subjective one and we know that there are still quite a few bods out there gaming on laptops, where you can't replace the sound card so easily. Fair enough. By far the biggest problem though is the fact that we were unable to find anybody in or out of the office, living or dead, that could fit these enormous things on their bonce.

They feel loose on every setting and the myriad speakers inset into the cans make them so heavy that even the slightest head movement dislodges them. Get yourself a set of Steel Series' Siberia headphones. Your ears will thank you. And your wallet.