Sony DR-GA200 review

Can Sony's upgraded gaming headset justify the extra outlay?

Sony DR-GA200
Not the most comfortable headset in the world, but style isn't always comfortable

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    Sleek design

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    OK mic quality


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    Not very adjustable microphone

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Bearing a striking resemblance to a garment Mass Effect's Shepherd might wear to keep his ears from getting nippy, the Sony DR-GA200 gaming headset certainly makes a visual statement.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but we're pretty taken with the visual design. It's a design we've seen before in the more expensive DR-GA500 package. In fact, it's the exact same headset as far as we can tell.

The GA500 costs more because it comes with a sleek black box that allows Dolby Pro Logic setups for console users, and compresses audio feeds like the passive aggressive tones of American Team Fortress 2 players, which is extremely welcome.

So the GA200 is just the headset, sans sleek black box, or 'digital surround processor' in Sony's parlance. On paper, a good idea. We thought the GA500 was a bit overpriced, and didn't cater for gamer's needs as well as its competitors.

Hard to justify

We also thought the headset was rather uncomfortable. Yes, the same headset we're talking about in this £50 package. It's fairly light but the discomfort comes down to the earphone material. It feels not unlike having your ears gently rubbed by a dry sponge. A softer fabric or even leatherette finish would help.

Mic quality is acceptable but the mic arm adjustments are limited on account of it being so tiny. The cheaper DR-GA100, priced at £30, has a more adjustable mic arm and its simple design makes for a more comfortable experience.

Not that you'll suffer any notable cranial malady; Sony simply made such a strong product with the DR-GA100 that this pricier model has a tough time justifying itself.

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