Macally Turtle

Meet the mouse with the retractable tail

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Our Verdict

The Turtle from Macally is portable, durable and ideal for everyday use


  • Nice to use
  • Distinctive design
  • Well-made

The simple pleasure of a good old-fashioned mouse is easy to forget, but the Macally Turtle is a great example of how it doesn't need to be fancy to be functional.

The simple, symmetrical design with a basic three-button arrangement is eye-catching yet unobtrusive on your desk, and is a decent enough size that it can be used for almost any job – from complex image editing to simple internet browsing.

Retractable cable

However, don't think this is just your bog-standard mouse, because hidden away in the base is an ingenious, retractable USB cable.

Reminiscent of a hoover extension cord, the cable and connector are hidden in a neat little compartment and the cord can be extended to a length of 70cm.

It can then be retracted for transport, thanks to a spring-loaded mechanism, and is the kind of simple but useful feature we love.

The cable feels a bit flimsy and can curl up when fully extended, but these are minor quibbles. Overall, this is an excellent mouse for your money.