QPAD MK-85 keyboard review

QPAD wants you to pop your cherry for this gamer porn-like keyboard

QPAD MK-85 gaming keyboard
Mechanical switches for the win

TechRadar Verdict


  • +

    Mechanical switches

  • +

    Adjustable backlighting

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    Sturdy, compact design


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Mechanical switches have fast become a must-have feature for gaming keyboards, and with a full set of Cherry MX Red switches beneath its rubberised keys, the MK-85 keyboard from high-end gaming specialist QPAD certainly ticks that box.

Packed into the sturdy chassis are a few other features that make the keyboard desirable too; programmable macros will spark attention from MMO gamers and actions-per-minute-obsessed Starcraft II players.

Bright orange WSAD key caps (kind of like the Corsair Memory Vengeance K60's WSAD set) will make FPS gamers happy. And the adjustable backlighting will put a smile on pretty much everyone's face.

Although the QPAD MK-85's understated visuals make it look a bit 'normal' when the keys aren't throwing out neon red, this is absolutely a specialist product. You could use it for word processing tasks and the odd bit of Mafia Wars, but you'd be wasting £135 (and your life).

Is this an essential buy for the hardcore gaming crowd though, or are you better off stumping up for another keyboard?

Phil Iwaniuk

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