Dell XPS One 27 Touch review

Windows 8 goes large with Dell's new touch powerhouse

Dell XPS One 27 Touch
The Dell XPS One 27 Touch is an all-in-one PC you won't mind showing off

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It comes as no surprise that the biggest draw of the Dell XPS One 27 Touch is its screen. It looks stunning, and the WQHD resolution puts the Dell XPS One 27 Touch up there with premium all-in-one computers such as the Apple iMac.

Compared to Apple's 27-inch offering, the Dell XPS One 27 Touch's pricing is actually pretty darn competitive, coming in a fair bit cheaper, depending on the model you choose. For that cash you're also getting more RAM and a slightly better processor, though you're not getting a dedicated graphics card, like you do with the iMac.

While the Dell XPS One 27 Touch's screen is a highlight, it's by no means flawless, and doesn't quite compare to the iMac's display.

Dell XPS One 27 Touch review

On the standard Windows 8 desktop you can see faint vertical and horizontal lines, which are a bit more noticeable on white and light coloured backgrounds. For the vast majority of us this won't be a problem, since they are very faint, but if you're looking for an absolutely flawless image - and at this price why wouldn't you? - then you may be disappointed.

Happily when playing games, watching video, on the Windows 8 start screen and in apps there's no sign of the lines.

The glass screen does suffer from some glare, but viewing angles are very good, so if you're going to use it as a TV then getting friends and family to gather around it won't be a problem.

Dell XPS One 27 Touch review

The fast processor and healthy amount of RAM means that Windows 8 runs fast and smoothly. Apps are nice and responsive, even considering the high resolution at full screen.

However, as much as the improved integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000 are over previous generations of Intel's Core i5 and i7 processors, it still can't compete with a dedicated graphics card. So while standard Windows apps and programs run fine, and media is handled without a hitch, if you want to play the latest games then think again.

In our benchmarking tests, high action scenes brought a drop in frames per second that would make modern graphic intensive games become slow and choppy.

Dell XPS One 27 Touch review

If casual games - especially 2D ones - are more your bag, then the Dell XPS One 27 Touch will be absolutely fine. Of course with the HDMI-in port you can always attach a PS3 or an Xbox 360 to take the gaming grunt.

While video encoding speeds have been improved over previous integrated graphics by Intel, if you're serious about video editing, you're better off with an iMac.

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