AVerTV Volar HD review

A pocket-sized USB TV tuner with a touch of retro appeal

TechRadar Verdict

TV tuners are very much a commodity these days, but if we had to pick one the AVerTV Volar HD would be high on the list.


  • +

    Bargain price for HD

  • +

    Simple set-up and pocketable size

  • +

    Quirky antenna


  • -

    Dated software

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Questions, questions, questions. That's our first impressions of the AVerMedia AVerTV Vola HD. It's a budget USB TV tuner that makes us ask things like this: TV on a PC?

Too many random capital letters? Have we fallen through some sort of time vortex to the ancient past? All the cool kids are watching their YouTubes nowadays, aren't they? What's that you say - ruffs should be starched this season?

Apparently, though, despite the best efforts of iTunes, iPlayer, Vimeo, YouTube and of course, BitTorrent, a lot of you can't quite give up broadcast TV and all its linear programming loveliness.

Who can blame you?

There's a certain safety knowing that Doctor Who will be shown on Saturday at tea time, and Match of the Day will be repeated at... some time in the evening.

So, the AVerTV Volar HD makes life as easy for you as possible, with its tiny, memory stick size, miniature aerial and low, low price.

Only one question remains, then: will it both offer and meet with a positive reception?