Western Digital 750GB WD 7500AAKS

Value for money that's pretty hard to argue with

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Our Verdict

While performance is a shade off the best around, value for money is pretty much unbeatable


  • Great price

    Spacious capacity


  • Not quite top performance

While the latest and highest capacity drives are always the most tempting, the capacity slots just under these tend to offer by far the best value.

Need concrete proof? This 750GB drive from Western Digital is approaching half the price of Hitachi's ambitious terabyte drive, yet it misses its capacity by a mere 25 per cent.

Impressively, it also sometimes manages to match or outperform the larger drive, notably with the synthetic read operations. Don't get too excited by the burst figures, though, because these are really just a test of the SATA 300 interface and memory buffer. It does, however, clearly lag when it comes to PCMark's attempts to emulate the real-world of drive performance.

Yet despite its minor performance shortcomings in this day of burgeoning media libraries, we'd probably side with the extra capacity that two of these drives would offer - or why not plump for a RAID configuration!