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LaCie Rikiki 250GB review

A pocket-sized drive that's tough enough to take the knocks

LaCie Rikiki 250GB
It's the smallest pocket hard drive around, but only just

Our Verdict

A solid, stylish drive combined with transport friendly durability


  • Very small form factor
  • Durable and stylish casing


  • Speed booster is Windows-only
  • No integrated USB cable

The LaCie Rikiki (it's French for 'tiny') is one of the smallest portable drives around, fitting snugly in your laptop bag or even your pocket.

Its knock-resistant brushed aluminium casing is ideal for transportation, and it's available in 250GB, 500GB and 640GB capacities.

Rikiki comes with a few extras. The LaCie Setup Assistant makes formatting to suit your requirements a simple task, which is useful if you're not used to formatting hard drives.

It also comes bundled with 10GB of online storage through Wuala for a year, and a copy of Intego Backup Assistant, which is unlikely to tempt SuperDuper! or Carbon Copy Cloner users to switch.

Speed test

In our tests, the Rikiki averaged sequential read speeds of 22.8MB per second and write speeds of 20.3MB per second. Its random read and write speeds were 9.6MB/s and 15.1MB/s respectively – acceptable but fairly unremarkable.

It would have been faster if the bundled USB Boost transfer accelerator wasn't Windows-only.

The drive comes replete with a space-savingly short (18cm) USB lead, but we would have preferred an integrated cable, even at the price of a slightly larger form factor.

If the LaCie Rikiki is the smallest portable drive on the market, as claimed, it's only by millimetres. It's an attractive, durable device, but without an OS X compatible speed enhancer, its bundled extras are of limited value.

The price is about right for a drive of this quality, so if you're looking for a small portable HDD, you could do worse than invest in a Rikiki.

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