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Corsair P128 128GB SSD review

An SSD offering with good value for money and some clever self-healing tech

Corsair P128 128GB SSD
The Corsair P128 128GB SSD is pretty ancient, but with such great performance on offer, who cares?


  • Best all-round balance
  • Excellent application performance
  • Samsung controller technology


  • Soon to be defunct?

With the snazzy new Force F100 drive and its zippy Sandforce controller slotting in as Corsair's new performance SSD in the 100GB-ish segment, is the end nigh for the 128GB P128?

Probably – but until it disappears, the P128 has plenty to offer. For starters, it's conspicuously better value than its in-house cousin and not simply in terms of capacity. Yes, with the £286 P128 you're getting 119GB of formatted space compared to 93GB for £320 with the F100.

In fact, barring Kingston's bargain basement SSDNow V+, this is one of the cheapest 128GB drives.

But you're also getting a drive that delivers fantastic real-world performance. It's at or near the top of the table for all three of our application tests – file decompression, app installation and game level loading.

Heal thyself

What's more, thanks to its Samsung controller chipset, the drive not only supports the TRIM command, but also benefits from self-healing technology claimed to restore it to full performance if left idle for long enough. How well such self-healing algorithms really work is hard to quantify, but we reckon the answer must be fairly well.

After all, we've put this very P128 drive through its paces on several occasions. It isn't a brand new sample sourced for this test.

Put it all together and you have our outright winner when it comes to the crucial combination of application performance, pricing and capacity.

Our doubts are few, but involve the question of ongoing support for an older drive and mediocre performance in synthetic tests of random read and write performance.

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