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Impex MG100 Hi-Tack Glue Gun review

A glue gun that lets you stick it to 'em

Our Verdict

The Hi-Tack Glue Gun is cheap, and just the trick for those small sticky projects


  • Small and nimble


  • Not suited to big projects

There are a million potential uses for hot-melt glueing when it comes to PC tinkerage. Consider: how do I mount these cold cathode tubes to the interior of my pimped out case?

How shall one affix this glowing EL wire in an interesting and potentially hypnotic pattern around the front? What about this blacklight? OK, there are a million purely aesthetic uses for hot-melt glueing when it comes to PC tinkerage. Happy now?

This Impex model is just the job for small projects. Its tiny form factor means you can wield it in cramped places like the innards of your rig and it heats up to melting temperature really quickly too.

It takes the smaller 7mm gluesticks (there's even a range of glue colours) but it's unsuitable for fixing large structures together (well, it would work but it'd take you longer and you'd go through lots of sticks...) so don't try assembling your custom-cut MDF chassis with it.

Stick (ahaha) to using it for affixing small objects like lighting to the inside of your case, and this trusty little tool will see more use than you might suspect.